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Why do Same Size Rings Fit Differently?

Have you ever bought a ring in a size that usually fits you perfectly, but this time it just doesn’t feel right? There are many factors that can cause that, such as width, style, and even the season!
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Why do Same Size Rings Fit Differently?

Are ring sizes universal?

No. There are several systems for indicating ring sizes around the world. So if you are from another country, you might want to consult a conversion chart.

For US and Canada, all rings are sized on a standard scale, but just like with clothing, you might find some deviations among different brands and jewelers.

If you're not sure of your ring size, this helpful at home guide can help!

Why do Same Size Rings Fit Differently?

I know my ring size at Berricle, but I still notice variations. Why?

An aspect that affects ring sizes is ring style. Much like how two pairs of jeans of the same size sometimes fit differently, and the same is true for rings. 

◾ A narrow band (about 2mm wide) size 6 might fit you perfectly, but if you then choose a wide band (over 4mm), you will have to go up a half size at least. 

◾ The same is true for ring sets. In a set of two, you will want to go at least a half size up. If you have a set of 3 rings (or are stacking multiple rings) you might want to go a full size up!

◾ Styles are another issue that might affect the way a ring fits you. If you have a top-heavy ring with a big carat size, it can slide on your finger, so wear your true size, without sizing up.

Why do Same Size Rings Fit Differently?

Why does the same ring fit me differently from time to time?

You have surely noticed changes during seasons. During winter your fingers get thinner, and in summer larger, and that is due to temperature. 

But those changes can happen throughout the day as well! These changes can be attributed not only to temperature but to eating certain foods that retain liquid and doing activities with your hands that increase blood flow. So your finger may change a half size in just a day!