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  • Secret Sale. Ends Today!
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  • 20% OFF Full-Price Item Use Code: 4858
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At shopping bag, enter promo code "4858" for 20% off full-price items.

At shopping bag, enter promo code "4858" for 20% off full-price items or "1537" on orders over $100 for 30% off full-price items.

At shopping bag, enter promo code "3295" for 30% off full-price items.

At shopping bag, enter promo code "3295" for 30% off full-price items or "2228" on orders over $100 for 40% off full-price items.


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The Journey Behind Every BERRICLE Moment


We get this question a lot. BERRICLE is not a Greek name or a person's name. We are so fond of berries that we decided to name our company after our favorite fruit. A truly delicious name, BERRICLE is a reflection of our tasteful designs and fruitful passion for jewelry. Meticulously crafted with rigorously sourced materials, BERRICLE's jewelry is the epitome of attainable luxury.

Berricle's Story

Born under the stunning skyline of New York City in 2011, BERRICLE has established a coveted reputation for impeccable quality and radiant styles. Every style is uniquely beautiful because of the love and joy it bears. We aspire to create pieces that bring happiness and brilliance to all of our customers and remind them of the simple pleasures of life.

Halo Collection

Berricle Jewelry

BERRICLE designs attainable luxury, classic and contemporary jewelry made of flawless, exquisitely cut Cubic Zirconia handset in fine sterling silver. Our extensive collection of Cubic Zirconia designs, including best-selling wedding and engagement jewelry, features premium quality stones. The superb quality of BERRICLE’s CZ allows our pieces to best mirror the color, cut, clarity and brilliance of diamonds. Every piece is carefully inspected, and only those that meet BERRICLE’s discerning standards receive our “BE” imprint, a mark that assures customers their purchase is of exceptional craftsmanship.

BERRICLE strives to provide outstanding creations that capture your unique style and exceed your expectations.

Berricle CZ Eternity Collection

Berricle's Mission

Our mission can be simply stated as guilt-free elegance. We strive to offer you the highest quality of jewelry at the most attainable price. You deserve the sparkles you love, without having to break the bank. Let Berricle jewelry inspire confidence wherever you go and bring out the inner brilliance in you.

Berricle CZ Art Deco Collection

Customer Testimonials

Maria, Indiana
Earrings more than exceeded Every aspect of this item was exceeded.
The shipping box, not just a padded envelope. The pink tissue paper wrapped a beautiful gift box. Inside a hang tag for the Swarovski zirconia, attached to the stud earring. The sterling backings are scalloped and strong. Also included were very nice silicone plug backs. The basket setting is very high quality, a beautiful design and strong. The post is perfect on both pair, the right length, very well polished. My ears did not have any reaction to the metal. Very comfortable on the ear. The color of the blue zirconia is that of a Tanzanite maybe or a light Kashmir sapphire. Rhodium finished so it has a very platinum-like look. These earrings could very well be seen in a high end store for $200 or more. For any person wanting to make a huge impression on someone, that you took painstaking time to find them something exquisite, these earrings are it. I am sure the clear zirconia are equally beautiful and of the same quality. This was my first purchase and I am so pleased, I looked so forward to doing this review. Thank you so much for having a grasp of the emotion that jewelry imparts when perfection is received. "


Gabrielle, California"
I have just received this ring in the is the most beautiful of all my many is my favorite now! I am so thrilled that it was available in size 5.5,because it fits perfectly. I had bought this same ring for my sister's birthday a couple of months ago,and I knew that she would love it,and that I needed one for my birthday,too! As always,the quality is very high,the details and workmanship exquisite. Thank you,Berricle for making stunning jewelry available to non-billionaires!"


Dawn, New York"
I just received these earrings. They are beautiful and well made. I worked for a jewelry findings company for 12 years, and we sold loose Signity CZs (now owned by Swarovski). I looped the CZs in these earrings, and they are of that quality. The stones are precision cut with clean facets. They have no chips, no fogginess or discoloration and they are clear and clean with lovely scintillation. The earring findings are nicely cast and smooth, and the rhodium plating is consistent. The stones are well placed in the mounting and securely set. With proper care, these earrings will be beautiful for a very long time. The earrings come with rhodium plated backs and rubber stoppers to provide additional security and stabilization (help to keep the earrings from tilting forward). The earrings have a "flat" profile so they will lie flush to the ear. I love them and look forward to wearing them often. Please consider making a matching pendant (bail or chain opening on the leaf ) and perhaps a ring. I would love to have a complete ensemble in this design."


SofiaJ, Tennessee"
Past Present Future with more GORGEOUSNESS
I’ve been married 20 years and I’ve had the stunning gorgeous ring four years. It is still just as stunning when he first bought it for me. He asked if I wanted a (real)upgrade. I love this ring, so I purchased two eternity bands to make it my own custom wedding/anniversary set. I still get so many compliments on my beautiful ring. I put it up against my mother’s diamond ring and you can’t tell a difference my three stones shine brilliantly just like hers. Love love love my unique beautiful ring. I did purchase another one if it’s needed but so far it’s been four years. Thank you Berricle for making quality jewelry for a great affordable price!"


cathol, Australia"
Absolutely stunning!
This pendant absolutely has the sparkle of the real thing. I have bought a lot of jewellry from Berricle and this is definitely in my top 5. I am actually stunned at how sparkly and genuine looking it is. It is quite large, so if you want something more understated then perhaps not this one. It is definitely not subtle! Love it! Fast standard shipping to Australia. I think there is a matching ring - must check that out!!"


Danimack, Florida"
100% satisfied customer for life!
I purchased two of these to go with a 2 carat cushion cut solitaire. These eternity bands are absolutely beautiful and can go with many pieces in my collection of jewelry. I've never purchased jewelry of this type to wear as regular jewelry and always considered it to be costume if it wasn't "real" but Berricle has changed that for me and although, I've just discovered this website I'm hooked and will never spend $1000 again on jewelry."