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Meet Kate

A Charlotte-based lifestyle blogger and an expert on all things chic, Kate goes through life with a supreme passion for health and wellness. She inspires us to look and feel our best through simple styles and positive attitudes. Follow her blog for more inspiration.

Kate Brennan #MomsShineBright

What is the one style motto that you firmly believe in?

Less is more. I believe in this motto in both beauty and fashion. I believe in enhancing your natural beauty with makeup and the same goes for fashion. You should use fashion to look and feel your best. I love simple tailored looks, too many layers always feels like too much for me.

Kate Brennan #MomsShineBright

What have been your biggest motivations to keep blogging?

The connection with my readers has been my driving force. There are so many days when I think about being a full-time mom but I know that I want to continue to inspire other women to look and feel their best each and every day. I hope to inspire my daughters in the same way.

Kate Brennan #MomsShineBright

How do you gain inspiration and find time to put your outfits together?

I still love a good magazine. Any outfit or makeup look that I love I tear out and keep in my agenda. When I plan out my outfits for upcoming shoots I come back to those tears and use them as inspiration. I have an outfit formula. I know what looks good on my body and I tend not to stray from certain styles or colors. I highly recommend finding yours - it will cut down the amount of time you spend getting dressed in half!

Kate Brennan #MomsShineBright

What's your go-to jewelry style?

Hmmm that's a tough one because it really varies. I love delicate styles for necklaces but when it comes to earrings I love a good statement style. I don't really wear rings other than my wedding rings but my new and very chic Berricle stack is now part of my everyday jewelry rotation!

Kate Brennan #MomsShineBright

Do you have a nighttime routine?

It used to be a good glass of wine but I recently cut out alcohol during the week so instead I catch up with all of my followers on social media. I love connecting with them and it allows me to go to bed knowing that my hard work is paying off!

Kate Brennan #MomsShineBright

Are there any lessons you want to share with fellow moms?

1. Exercise daily, yes daily. Exercise releases endorphins which help ground you and make you happy. I can tell the difference in the way I handle stress, my job and my children when I don't work out. 2. Set quality time for your kids. Put the phone down and away. When you spend quality time with your kids you will feel less guilty about taking time for yourself. Everyday from 5-8 my phone is down. This is my time with my family. 3. Go easy on yourself. As a former type A person I know this is easier said than done. I encourage you to laugh at the mistakes and the mess. We can't be perfect, well all the time anyway. :)