Berricle Jewelry Care and Cleaning Guide

How to care for my Berricle Jewelry?

We put our jewelry through a lot in our everyday life. Even when we try our best, we sometimes expose them to: dirt, sweat, lotions, soaps, and more, causing them to dull and lose their sparkle. 

Luckily, you can bring the sparkle back by cleaning your jewelry right at home! That’s what we will help you with today.

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How to care for my Berricle Jewelry?

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver tarnishes naturally. The best and safest way to clean your rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry and keep it from tarnishing as quickly, is by using a good silver polishing cloth. Our Berricle silver polishing cloth is infused with a special jewelry cleaner that dissolves and removes tarnish and leaves behind a protective coating to prevent new tarnish from forming.

Rub the polishing cloth over the surface of your silver jewelry with medium pressure until it is shiny and bright again. The polishing cloth works until completely darkened.

Alternatively, you can use a soft 100% cotton cloth. Just remember that cleaning won't keep tarnish from returning.

DO NOT use silver liquid cleaner to clean rhodium-plated jewelry. It is too harsh and can dull or harm the rhodium plating.

How to care for my Berricle Jewelry?

Gold Plated and Rose Gold Plated Jewelry

Maintain the beautiful shine by polishing gold plated and rose gold plated jewelry with a soft cloth. Dampen the cloth with lukewarm soapy water and rub the cloth gently on the jewelry. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth. If jewelry requires extra cleaning, soak it for 5 to 10 minutes before rubbing.

To preserve the plating, do not use silver polishing cloth, liquid silver cleaner, ultrasonic cleaning or a tumbler.

How to care for my Berricle Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconia

Although our cubic zirconia stones are high quality, the nature of the stones can result in them appearing milky/dull over time due to the build up of lotions and other oils from the skin. However, It is easy to restore the shine of cubic zirconia.

Mix warm water and dish detergent in a bowl, let your jewelry sit in it for a few minutes then gently brush the stones with a soft bristle toothbrush.

For an on-the-go solution, use Berricle's Diamond and CZ cleaning stick pen.

Remove the cap and twist the base 8-10 clicks until bubbles form on the brush. Use the application brush to apply to the top and bottom of the stone. Rinse with clean water and pat dry.

Whatch the video below to learn how to use the cleaning pen!

How to care for my Berricle Jewelry?


Whether real, cultured or faux, you must clean your pearls with care. Pearls are porous, so they hold on to dust and dirt easily, making them lose their luster. This cleaning method works on porous gemstones as well, such as opals and turquoise.

Mix warm water with a few drops of mild shampoo (such as baby shampoo). Dip a small clean make-up brush into the mixture, and shake off the excess. Gently brush all sides of each pearl. When done, rinse the pearls with a damp cloth and let them air dry.

How to properly care for your jewelry

Remove your jewelry while doing housework, washing dishes, working out, lifting weights, swimming, showering, gardening, or using any chemical substances.

◾ Common chemicals in perfume, hair spray, soap, and lotion will make rhodium tarnish permanently. Stay away from chlorine and other bleaches, including swimming pools. Rhodium-plated jewelry will turn quickly if it meets those chemical substances.

◾ To keep tarnishing to a minimum, it is strongly advised that you store your silver jewelry in a dry and air-tight area, such as a jewelry box or zip-lock bag.

◾ Sterling silver does get scratched and dented through normal wear and tear. Keep your jewelry pieces from rubbing against other items and avoid impact with hard surfaces when you are not wearing them.

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