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Are you looking to match your engagement ring with an eternity band?

Are you looking to match your engagement ring with an eternity band? Let us help you find the right fit. Depending on the setting of your engagement ring, not all bands will lay flush with it. Please take a moment to look at your engagement ring setting on the side, before placing an order. If the side edge of your ring is similar to the side edge of the band, then it will be a better fit.

The most important part to determine whether a ring can be stacked with another band is the side edge of the ring, below the center stone.

If your engagement ring has a raised/high center setting with a relative flat, clean side edge like the one in the picture RING 1, which will allow the eternity band to go all the way next to the ring. Then most normal eternity bands will fit flush with it.

If your engagement ring's side edge sticks out, setting is low like the one in the picture RING 2, which will not allow the band to go underneath the center stone setting, but to push it away to the side. Then there will be space gap between the ring and eternity band.

For those who are looking for a perfect flush fit, you engagement ring needs to have a clean, flat side edge, otherwise, a normal eternity band will not fit. But if you are not opposed by the space gap, then we encourage you to give it a try.

For those who has an engagement rings with a sticked out side edge, you can also consider a curved band, like this. See some samples.

If you have any further questions regarding ring matching, please send a photo of your engagement ring with a clear side view, so we will be able to better help you.

Ok, let's start to shop!